Awakening Heart

The heart is the engine of our existence that controls our brain.
The heart is like the fuel engine of a car that drives well
when there is enough fuel available.
Our heart is the hidden diamond of our innerness
that makes us realize that we as humans can handle
much more than what we ever thought possible.
Our human potential is immense.
Each of us who becomes aware of this will from then on
give our life a completely different interpretation.
We will no longer focus on the material
and appearance of our personal life existence.
We have come to the conclusion that by focusing on our inner world
we are shifting our feeling of happiness from the outside in.
We have awakened from the madness of the outward display
that our mind is putting to sleep.
We are no longer lame sheep
who let anyone who wants to lead us to the slaughter.
We have activated our awakened heart
because we are going to exercise our passion with our inner feeling.
We give the right meaning to our life existence from our awakened heart.
We are happy and radiate light and love like never before.
We are our awakened heart and feel reborn.

The Awaked Heartbrain.