A little bit about myself

St├ęphane Vanden Avenne (1959) wrote poems for herself at an early age. During the period that his mother was ill, he resumed writing. This initially false comfort and processing for oneself. Writing these texts has made him more powerful as a person. This further led to him being able to grow in his consciousness process, which enabled him to put the past into perspective and let go. As a result, he has become aware to live in the Now moment as much as possible.

“More and more people are going to experience growth
In such a way that they learn to speak from their hearts.”

In the end, he can now say that because of everything he has experienced in his more than 60 years, he has made him the man he has become now. Because he has already experienced a lot in his life here on this globe and this both on the dark side and on the light full side, you now want to share these experiences with everyone.

With the writing of these texts, more people become aware of the power of light and love. More and more people are going to experience growth in such a way that they learn to speak from their hearts. This will create a connection between people who may not dare to face each other before.

In this way, by reading the Light Musings texts, every person will experience a positive turn in his life life. In this way, you as a person can and will probably experience a positive change. Your changed energy will translate from your heart brain connection into your contact with other people.

In this way we all contribute to a better world where the dark sides will disappear and there will be room for peace, cordiality, light and love.